Welcome to my in-home therapy practice in  Seattle, Washington! I provide couple's therapy to my clients in the comfort of their own home.  Because I come to you, there is no office to drive to or traffic to fight. You can have quality therapeutic services delivered directly to you with in an environment that is familiar and private.

"Helping Families & Marriages Repair, Recover, and Thrive"

I specialize in working with couples who have issues with repetitive arguments, feeling understood, and coming to compromises. I work with you to identify the source of the communication block and help you finally put arguments that continue to come up to rest. Work with me to eliminate rehashing discussions and finally be able to move forward. In addition to this, I provide divorce and discernment counseling for those couples who are trying to make a decision about whether or not to go forward with their relationship.

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About Derrick Javan Hoard      

I believe that therapy should not take forever and be effective and affordable. I utilize a short-term, problem-focused approach. I specialize in helping people resolve problems in a maximum of 10-12 sessions, but most problems can be resolved in a much shorter time period depending on the issue. I focus on helping couples eliminate repetitive arguments and disagreements that sap the love and passion out of a relationship. By the end of therapy you will be able to understand your partner better, have disagreements without them turning into arguments, be able to come to compromises, and stop reliving the same disagreements over and over again.. Therapy is an investment and it is my goal to make sure that your investment pays dividends for years to come.

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